Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

life is a bulletin board

One thing I like about this whole internet experience is the great bulletin-board-like viral information stream of it all.

The most easy to parody and yet very effective form of this is found on Myspace. This platform demonstrates that it's not really important how stable or useful or function-filled the platform is, provided that it gives lots of leeway for people to set up pages about the things they do and the things they like.

Who would have imagined that this corporate behemoth of a notepad would create an effective distribution system for new music and ideas outside the traditional corporate record company mainstream?

Yet it's great that one can go to a myspace page, and get free plays and often free downloads of really great music by people who deserve to be heard. So many of these people are unsigned, and may always remain unsigned. But they're there to hear, and savor, and enjoy.

Tonight my friend ensenchiridion pointed out to me Lona Echo, who makes the kind of simple girl-and-acoustic-guitar folk-tinged pop that makes me happy.

Her myspace is right here, and with just a click there and a listening ear, you can hear a folk-pop song called "Red" which might put you in as good a mood as it put me.

In the old days, the bulletin board was mostly a place for used bikes and ways to get rich quick. Now it's a place for singers named Lona, who play the guitar and enchant.
I am fine with this very modern world.

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