Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

exit, chased by cagey bear

My wife left at dawn for a business trip to this place in the far east called "Boston",
so I made an extra effort to get home to the dogs at a reasonable hour.

I love September and October. They make me relaxed and happy. As I drove home, a flock of
scissortail flycatchers sat on a telephone pole. These tropical-looking birds, with their nine-inch scissortail feathers and their gorgeous blue coloration, enliven our Summers here. Now it is nearly time for them to migrate to South America.

I arrived during daylight hours, so I placed the leashes on the dogs, placed the little
waist-pack with the plastic bags in it on me, and took them to the park. Little pee wee football players in pads practiced. The very youngest did not wear pads, but flags. I played both flag and tackle football as a youngster and am of the opinion that flag is the superior game.

The little park pond was quiet, as the mother duck and her six ducklings long ago moved on to other places. I did see a single cormorant fly off, leaving the pond to its two human fishermen.

When we walked by the swingset, a ten year old girl said "That's Teddie, right?". Then she pondered, a bit, before saying "I can't remember the other one's name". After I told her, she soon told the young girl nearby "They're both girls, and *her* name is Beatrice". I am glad my dogs love kids.

I worked this morning on recording electric football field noises as samples for my synthesizer. I then sequenced the resulting buzz with bell sounds and the sound of my voice singing "bah". I processed the resulting sounds in Slicer. I love working outside of traditional song structures in the places where sounds just exist and collide. I imagine I find my voice in this voiceless void. I sent the results off to a label which was soliciting samples for a collaboration album. This is much more fun than trying to write pop songs.

I'm listening a lot to Cagey House. Rather than making the odd stuff I make, Cagey House makes really fun, liberated and liberating melodic electronic songs--like a cross between the best free jazz fusion jam you ever heard, an early Yamaha monophonic synthesizer demonstration tape, and the undiscovered Shakespeare play in mime that 1,000 chimpanzees would inevitably type in 12 millenia. Wonderful instrumental joy, in musical form, substantially available for free download under Creative Commons licenses.

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