Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

100 square feet of soul

I believe in the firm power of juxtaposition. On the morning just before I leave to go to the largest flea market on earth, I think about simplifying and getting very small.

Today I've been admiring the very tiny homes designed by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, as small as 100 square feet in size. I do not plan to move to a tiny home, but there is a sense of liberation in the idea of living in a very small space. I like the Gandhi-like idea of simplicity in temrs of possessions, even if I tend to be a pack rat, myself.

Simplifying can go beyond living space. The musician Jane Siberry adopted the single name Issa, sold or gave away most of her possessions, and seeks to live a less material life. I'm intrigued that folks who take one name often take mildly exotic names when simplicity might, to me, dictate a name like John or Joan (or, for that matter, Jane). Yet the idea of liberating oneself from so many constructs is a fine idea, even if not one's own working theory.

I've always been rather a Siberry fan. I'm not in the "can sing the words to every song" camp, but instead in the "buys a few of her CDs and loves the way she approaches her creative output with a quirky gusto". Her forays into alternative music distribution are a good example of a way out of the current corporate distribution morass. I see she is coming to Dallas in November,to play the yoga studio which doubles as concert space, and perhaps I'll try to get tickets.

I don't plan to change my name to just "gurdonark" or to move into a house the size of my closet. But the examples do inspire me to focus once more on de-cluttering my life, and for looking for the as-yet-imperfectly-found simplicity to which I aspire.
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