Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

catching up

I did the last two poems, with appropriately decorated envelopes. One is heading to Maryland, one to Canada. I got my reimbursement off for a public garden cap voodoukween was kind enough to get for me at Quail Botanical Garden, this wonderful garden in north San Diego County. When I lived in CA, Quail was one of many public gardens that made daily life worthwhile. A Quail Botanical Garden cap should be a welcome alternative to the TARPON hat I got at K Mart during our Florida trip and wear on many sunny days. To my limited eye, the TARPON is very appealing hat, not kitschy at all, but a very respectful looking fish--certainly much more substantial than if the hat said BONEFISH or GATOR. But I notice that when I wear this TARPON hat, I get a certain sort of "macho fisherman" reaction from people which is a trifle puzzling. I do fish, of course, but with worms and cane poles for sunfish not much larger than my hand. Even when I ocean-fished frequently in Southern California, I tended towards the lightweight but quick-biting Pacific Mackerel and late evenings on fishing piers rather than the three day albacore runs out off the Baja coast. In the great aquarium of fisherpeople, I am in the guppy category, a catcher and releaser of non-trophy fish. Perhaps I will get a reaction more appropriate from my botanical garden cap than I did from TARPON. Deep down, I prefer my "real" hats to my baseball caps, but nothing shields the sun like a baseball cap. scottm has fixed a date for recording madness with me--nothing good will come of it, unless, as I do, one considers a bit of ambient noise a good in and of itself. I still must post something to gregwest98, which will be the first of two somethings, but I am not going to wait until I finish the second something next week to get it mailed on tomorrow. I am eager to translate this early morning hobby productivity into work productivity, though, which I cannot do while posting to LJ, and so that file with the cool statutory analysis issue instead of figuring out new easy to use HTML tags must be my next quest.

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