Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

like a cloud untethered from its sky

I worked a hard, productive week this week. I am glad to have the weekend! Tonight we went to Samui Thai, not far from us. I had a pho kind of soup, beef in noodles, very good. There are so many movies to see, and yet the weather may be ideal for some hiking or biking or fishing.

We were originally going to take a long-overdue trip to Kansas City, where my wife's people live. Her work, though, is shipping her to Boston on Tuesday, so the Labor Day travel seemed like overkill. I've got to look up cool cafes in Boston near her hotel--it's fun to google up things like that.

Facebook is so far proving fun. There's some "connecting up with others from real life and virtual life with whom I want to stay in better touch", which is good, but my favorite thing is on-line scrabble. I've gotten so interested that I'm going to buy a Scrabble dictionary, and I've written off for information about the local monthly tournaments. The American Scrabble Association website posts the cross-tables, and it somehow does my heart good to know that 24 souls a month gather near me for competitive Scrabble, while 40 a month do so in Toronto, x dozen here, y dozen there, and so forth.
It's like a network of covert fun in round robin portions. I'll try to play in the September or October live tournament, a round robin affair sequentially against 4 to 6 opponents.

I have a sense of liberation that can only mean good things. I am ready to discover virtual theremins, the first hints of Autumn, open trails, intense wordiness (a strong point of mine), the Moog documentary my wonderful sibling gave me, legal analysis of documents, and the great conspiracy of kindness that just waits to be randomly discovered.

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