Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

goose podium

There is nothing wrong with me that a three day weekend won't cure.

I thought to myself today how I rarely proofread my posts until after they are posted.
This is undoubtedly a character flaw.

I'm intrigued by the idea of a digital audio workstation program called Podium. The reason I am intrigued by the idea is that its website has a forum in which everyone is helpful, nurturing and kind. I am easily swayed by kindness and intelligent talk. The program uses something called hiearchical construction, though, and I am concerned that I am so very small-minded that I will not understand a non-populist hiearchy. I'll watch the promotional video and decide whether to buy.

I had a fellow from a netlabel ask me a few months ago if I wanted to release an album on his netlabel. I've been working on songs ever since. This morning, I worked among the 28 possibilities and selected 9. This weekend I hope to begin finalizing the recordings.
I hope he is still interested, but even if he is not, then I'll find a way to release this material. It's more chill than ambient, but it's been fun to create.

I want to ride my bicycle past still waters and restore my soul.

I plan to increase my vocabulary to triple-word-score lengths.

Others dream of building a better mousetrap. I dream of using a soldering iron and a capacitor to modify a dollar store keyboard and modestly circuit-bend the sound into new and exciting weirdness. I no longer remember what I once barely knew about electronics, but in my mind, it would work as if I knew what I was doing.

The stock market is thoroughly relieved that Wall Street investment funds get artificial bailouts through the reserve lending rates, while on Main Street, people move quickly to get their things into their vehicles before their houses are lost in foreclosure.

On my lunch breaks, I read a book called "The Snow Geese", about a fellow from the UK who follows a snow goose migration from its origin in south Texas all the way up into Canada. I'm on the part now when he's in Riding Mountain in Manitoba, waiting for
the geese to come up for the Spring. The book then launches into a side detour about New iceland, and the town of Gimli, which I just visited. It's so interesting to happen upon a passage about a place of 10,000 or so souls I just visited for the first time. I have never been to Montreal, and I've only been to the Toronto airport, but I know Gimli well enough to read about it in books.

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