Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

brief flash of insight

Tonight I remembered an old and hard-learned lesson. It goes something like "play to your strengths". I am always grateful when I learn that lesson at a relatively painless cost. I also believe in the companion phrase: "try something new often", but that doesn't change the bit about play and strengths.

I am pleased Alberto Gonzales resigned. I hope that an appointment will be made that will clean up the rubble.

I won a case today, which was a good thing. It's good to work in a field with concrete milestones for achievements. Yet in my work one loses some and one wins some. It's not really practical to talk much about one's wins and losses, as win, lose or settle does not tell the story. The story is not best told in a weblog, anyway. The stories tell themselves in my mind, always--an endless supply of narrative. I am good at entertaining myself.

Robert Rich is now releasing on Magnatune. This is a grand and wonderful thing, as this means great ambient material available for remixing at ccmixter. I am returning to ambient and chill music--I set aside efforts to write traditional songs, as my efforts to do so turn out neither traditional or as songs.

I do plan to write August poetry, and to load up Reason 3.0 this week.

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