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A silly, social alternative to solitary shyness

Answer where noted. Comments welcome. Have a lovely Saturday or Sunday, or what have you, depending on what day it is for you to have.

Poll #1045029 My Life as an Armadillo

You are offered a chance (and a duty) to turn your nemesis into a piano. Do you:

jump at the chance and then jump on the damper pedal
quietly complete the transformation and then play discordant songs very quietly, so that only you and your nemesis can hear.
polish that piano every day, kind in your control
get to gettin' all jerry lee lewis on those pounding keys, y'all
close the door on a darkened room filled with only one piano
play a different piece each day on a treasured possession, bringing beauty where before was only nemesis.

I hand you a throwaway camera wrapped in lovely blue cellophane and tell you to go take a picture of something very lovely within five kilometers of you. The picture should not be of a person or pet, but of a nature or garden or town/city scene. What do you photograph? Think lovely. Think simple delight.

When it comes to keeping in touch with friends, are you more:

an escape artist, like Houdini
a theoretical physicist who never goes into the lab
the rock of Gibraltar, always there, but never really moving
Diogenes with a lantern in search of a true friend
adept at playing the sitar (which you've never studied) than at doing what you must and could. Could we have a 1/2 hour percussive raga first, please, and then I'll start to strum something classical for hours instead?

The Perfect Lullaby. You. Somebody's baby (it need not be yours, but you have workable diplomatic relations). Your choice of song. Something you and baby would love. Your voice is in finest flower. The stars align. The baby loves it! What song are you singing? Why does that baby have pointy ears?

In the bun, where the meat or gardenburger might be, you've instead chosen to place:

four sliced-up strawberries
more lettuce than you could ever imagine
carrots sliced lengthways
a home-baked potato chip
sliced cucumber, done up really chllled and plain

If people knew you half as well as they might,the way someone might have known you in second grade when you had skinned knees rather than a skinned soul, they'd know that you're secretly fond of

Which of the following most plucks your heartstrings like a mountain zither:

the unlooked-for chance to share a hot tea with an unlooked-for friend.
the unlooked-for chance to do something amazing to fulfilll your quest for "right work"
the unlooked for chance to really make a difference in a small and unheralded act of anonymous supportive kindness
the simple chance to stop a child from crying by skipping rope with her
a chance to say ask just one question of a departed relative, hear the answer, and then say "I love you".

If there is one lesson you can learn in your own life from the giraffe who keeps nibbling at the tree with no leaves, when one tree over, the leaves are in easy reach, that lesson is (pretend you're a mongoose as you answer):

If you could, you'd:

win one for the Gipper
Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!
Kill softly with your song
go down to Villiers Terrace, to see what's a happenin'.
fear nothing but fear itself

Your eyes are a bright orange. Your hair is ruby red. What color is your shirt? What color are your jeans?


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