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Tonight I did some volunteer work, cutting loop samples for easy remixing. This is one of those good kind of time-consuming projects. The time flies by, but it is not missed. One just looks up and sees how the time elapsed.

I am still figuring out facebook and twitter will make my life more miraculous. So far they seem like cool apps to me. I am sure I will meet all my lost acquaintances and learn to live life in pithy, 120 character phrases. I am far too awkward for social networks, but perhaps they are still a good experience for me.

I am pleased because my father came out of a brief hospital stay in good shape. On the 24th, which has just dawned, my sister turns a year older. She's a good egg. I think of her still very much as my younger sister, but in point of fact the five years between our age is much less significant when we are in our 40s than when we were younger.

Tonight on flickr, one commenter wanted to add my picture of Dorothy Lake to the little Whiteshell community, while another asked politely to use my picture of a dead pufferfish to adorn an on-line article about pufferfish making people sick.

I have still not fired up Reason 3.0, the expensive softrware I bought months ago. But this is the weekend. I need more utilities to do more skilled things.

I learned today a distant third cousin or second once removed, had passed away. I barely met him, but heard about him all my life--a newspaperman who eventually ran a pennysaver in Virginia. I remember meeting his kids, a few years younger than I am, when I was just out of college. No doubt they have nearly-grown kids of their own by now. These spinning wheels of fire keep recycling birth and so forth.

We went to Mimi's for dinner. I had a gardenburger. It was scrumptious. I am omnivorous, but I could be vegetarian without too much agony.

I am both delighted and busy with interesting cases at the moment. Swimming, swimmingly, not drowning.

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