Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Today in brief

Today's program is brought by you by the phrases "incremental progress", "resolution in the face of challenge", and "two green vegetables, please".

Today's list of topics not to be addressed in this post: "Karl Rove". "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", "reality television", "how humans bear an uncanny resemblance to meerkats" and "I wonder if Lindsay Lohan will ever be on 'dancing with the stars'".

Today's goal: hard and effective work.

Today's aspiration for the environment: "that this is not the second straight day of pollution level: red".

Today's fond wish: "more personal ability to set up and manage web pages"

Today's "wish I spoke this language": "Spanish"

Today's fantasy hobby skill to acquire: "better animation skills"

Today's daydream: "I'll bet there's a community college where one can study to be a farmer (less a fond desire for oneself, being aware of the difficulties of that life, than a hope for information to give advice to someone else".

Today's plant: "the cactus".

Today's evening goal: "add new Creative Commons music to the mp3 player".

Today's sheepishness: "a burst of hobby enthusiasm, leading to an unnecessarily long internet post to someone of slim acquaintance".

Today's puzzle: "Twitter. Where does the "network" part of this social network come into play?".

Today's long-term agenda: "chess tournament preparation for Saturday's tournament".

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