Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the smooth and the pretty smooth.

Today the tempoerature hit 100 degrees before 9:30 a.m. I lunched on hot and sour soup, "Thai soup", salad, grapes, pineapple, and two macaroons. I worked very hard on working down my "to do" list.

I had one bit of good news and two bits of less good news. The good news is that the remix I made of Calendar Girl's "July", a simple mix of birdsong in field recordings and synthesized simple percussion, received some kind comments over at ccmixter. The less good news is that my entry into a remix compilation was not chosen, though I had initially gotten a nice note about it, and also that DiSfish Records, which permittted me to release a lot of mp3s, is going out of business, at least in its current configuration. The donation-only model may not have worked. I hope it reincarnates in a different form, but either way, I'm grateful that DiSfish got me more exposure for my music. I've always been happy that they let me post over there--it was great having a forum to do releases that people came to visit and download. The guys who ran it were and are great guys.

I am nearly through with a set of material for release on another netlabel, which asked me some weeks ago if I would like to release with them. I hope that works out, as it would be good for the home team to have a success this month. I have to do some mandatory continuing legal education this month, which is a good place to devote my attention.

Saturday I run another little chess tournament. We'll see if anyone comes--I have had one e mail so far about it.

The watch I bought for 5 dollars at Big Lots sure loks good. It is too bad it doesn't keep good time. It loses time, just like an old-fashioned watch used to do. Perhaps it is all just a way to give me plausibility when I assert that I am from a gentler era.

Brooke Astor passed away, according to today's news, marking yet another celebrity I had had no idea was still alive. She did some awfully good things with her money.

A local sights magazine that came with the paper proclaimed that in the school rankings, area district Palmer was deemed "unacceptable". That makes me want to write them, and ask how I can help. Everyone wants to rate and rank and fire and bemoan. But perhaps
the solutions arise when people begin to help. I don't know.

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