Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

on turning older

photo morph of Pine Point Rapids in Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba with
Trinity Trail along Lake Lavon in Texas

Thank you to the many of you who left birthday wishes for me. I am grateful. We passed the milestone day quietly. We went in the early afternoon for a walk at the Heard Natural Science Center, where birdsong permeated the air, and we startled a great blue heron, who spead his huge wings and flew away. I took an afternoon nap, and did accomplish a bit of the work on my plate, although this will be a vigorous week nonetheless. In the cool of the evening we played tennis, and then we walked our dogs in the nearby park at night in disappointed hope of spotting some Perseids meteors. All in all, a very good day--in addition, my bicycle is now in fighting fettle again. I plan to ride next weekend. We had a sad interval when the dogs actually caught a little bunny.
The day in the main, though, was quite nice.
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