Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

between (legal) briefs

A week of deadlines and phone lines. A nearly-full moon pierced the grocery-store parking lot sky, each crater visible. Downloaded free software which will convert to .mov, for a project. J.K. Rowling in my lap, insurance coverage issues in my mind. I watched a documentary about Queen Elizabeth's diplomatic skill at commonwealth conventions, full of candid videos of smiles and repartee', and then dreamed myself a social success in a function at a "great house", so stunningly winning that a man brought me a silver platter of cheese hors d'oeuvres, compliments of "la maison". The woman standing with my wife and I might have been a younger, more corporate Diana Rigg.

Cowry shells. Flat intonations. Posting pictures to flickr. 1 e4, for a change of pace.
The Bank of Roma begs me, in Italian, to click . Daydreams of folding bikes--wouldn't it be lovely, to unfold a folding bike, and just ride? Resolved: Consumer Reports, subcategory, folded pedals. Folkies saving time in bottles, vague memories of delivered milk bottles, chocolate bottles in elementary school, chocolate soldiers, two cents an empty bottle, ship-bottles, bottle-brush, brush out the wavy thoughts unkempt.
Advertisement: boat show, last weekend! Talking voices on the radio pondering revitalizing Deep Ellum. Bring back the True Believers. Re-open Theatre Gallery.

Memories are like throwaway cameras, snapping the oddest things. REM and 10,000 Maniacs bowling at the Bronco Bowl. Guadalcanal Diary eating vegetarian at Mrs. Gooch's. Natalie complaining about clove cigarette smoke, and jamming her fingers in one ear so as to use the other to hear herself in the monitor.

I think there will be a time for getting undone things done, mailings, well-wishes, perhaps a kind and heart-felt correspondence or two. World enough and time does rhyme with crime, but the wise use of time need never be coy.

I am off to put an AAA battery in my mp3 and move on up to the downtempo part of the night.

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