Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Imagining Toronto

Although I've visited Canada a few times, I've never been to Toronto. Yet when one of my virtual friends from, cdk, ('the come down kid') used one of my odd drone samples as the introduction to his wonderful melodic downtempo song, I thought that I should do a video for the song. I like video about places, and I saw no reason why my unfamiliarity with Toronto should prevent me from doing a video about its charms. So I headed over to Creative to hunt Creative Commons licensed flickr photos. I found that an artist named 416Style, a/k/a Sookie, had created an entire video's worth of Toronto shots. I therefore looked up some fun facts to intersperse into the film, and then assembled a simple video.

I predict that in the future, travel will become astoundingly expensive, and the we will tour locales as we once did, via alternative media like the mails, the internet and books.

I therefore offer these images, and ask if you wish to imagine Toronto wth me:

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