Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in summation

I've been writing poetry this week. I like the way that the process of writing in a particular mode of thinking is rewarding in its own way. Words come quickly to me--a blessing and a drawback. I will write several dozen poems, subdividing them into word processing folders: "Poetry July 2007", "Poetry August 2007" and so forth. When I have a critical mass, I will begin submitting them to literary magazines and poetry contests.

I remain very busy at my work. This month marks seven years since we started our small law firm in Garland, Texas. We've been pleased with the way this firm turned out. I like the way that we began to plan for the firm. We were sitting on an April morning in Hubbard's, the very down-home breakfast-and-lunch place in downtown Garland, known for
chicken-fried steaks, huge biscuits and a penchant for hiring local girls as waitresses who exude a kind of down-home charm. I had a literal envelope in hand, and upon its back I'd sketched some budget figures. We realized in short order that if we worked things on a shoestring, we could run a law firm without needing all that much income to make a living. We each had the savings to set the firm up and last it out until it made money.
I had mentally figured that we would spend time getting up to speed--perhaps a few years. We actually made money from about day 31 of the firm, though, and never looked back.

I have more control over my life now than I did when I was a partner in other firms in wihch I constructively "worked for" other partners who originated the clients. It's been a good seven years. This week I was to try a jury trial, but the trial ended up being rather straightforward and not much trouble after all.

I find that my largest challenges are not really legal challenges per se at all. They are usually challenges along peripheral lines. Right now I am working on a legal brief which deals with a volumnious appellate record. The record is in a format called Summation. Summation is the established lawyer's database program. It has some cool formats that make sense for lawyers with multiple-document cases. There is only one problem with Summation--I hate using it. Loading documents into its database is clunky. The commands are counter-intuitive. It's a software that serves little consumer convenience, as near as I can tell, other than serving as a full-employment bill for paralegals and coders who step in to figute out its ways when attorneys give up in disgust. I suppose I must soon get on the phone and deal with Summation technical support, who in theory guided my IT guy into how to load some data, but the data, now loaded, does not appear for inspection.

I am pleased, though, that a fellow from Mexico asked if I could remix his ambient song. I'm going to give it a whirl.

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