Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Sunday Morning Folk Jamboree

I'm excited to finally get my pre-amp and microphone working well together, thanks to some advice from my sister-in-law and to figuring out that all it takes is this one little connection plug to be part-way disengaged for a lot of needless machine hum to result.

This morning I decided to celebrate my progress by getting out the old autoharp. Although the times clearly called for "amazing grace", my book fell open to one of my favorite songs, "Red River Valley". I gave the new recording set-up a go,and I welcome you to join me and sing along.

They say there's such a thing as a "good voice" and such a thing as a "good folk music voice", but I posit, based on this evidence of my own voice, that there is a third option, "none of the above". Click on the widget below, and join me with your no doubt stronger, handsomer and in all ways more attractive voice:


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