Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

heat rises

Last night I ate a dhosa at Iravan Bistro, the wonderful new Indian restaurant which just opened near us. Tonight we had sushi at Ki Ku, a sushi/grill buffet which also is in its opening weekend, and which delighted us.

We went to the film Ratatouille, which we enjoyed. I spent the remainder of the day in more, and suomtimes less, practical ways, relieved that the sun is out and oppressive heat at last and joyously replaced the rains.

I had a hobby frustration moment late last night and again this morning. It is good for me to remember that not everything comes easily to me the first half dozen times I put my mind to something. has been very good for me, because it requires me to think about things I do not know how to do, and other things I know how to do a little bit but do not do well. My postal chess, meanwhile, continues to delight and yet humble me. In each dilemma, I learn lessons, but different lessons. One lesson is to recognize the cards that I have, and to play them as they lay. Sometimes you wish you had the Elgar card, with suitable pomp and circumstance, and you remember that you hold instead the Dr. Demento card, with it sense of skill-less fun. The other lesson is a very good lesson also--that when you play an arcane strategy for the fun of it, it's a good thing not to confuse that with playing a good strategy for the competitive edge of it. I believe that the key purpose of all education is perspective. Sometimes that includes learning the valuable lesso nof context. Seeming contradictions are often more a matter of the right rule for the right situation than of actual contradiction.
It was fun to figure out how to effectively record my dulcimer, and to wonder when my opponent who is probably lost will finally resign my one clearly winning game.

I am grateful for heat which pierces hearts and minds.

I had to turn down chances to visit a friend and a chance to have a niece come down to see me, because I have things on my schedule early next week that require my attention this weekend. I will be glad of a free weekend in the near future, or perhaps two.

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