Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

back on the chain gang

I got a spot of work done last night, and am ready to get more done today and tomorrow. I rather like this splitting of the week along Wednesday lines. It's not raining--yet--which is an added bonus for the morning.

I'm having fun recording little sound samples through my improved microphone arrangement.
I can run any 7 seconds through my little sawcutter synthesizer, and get new sounds. It's fun.

At, the review process has begun. The tradition there is for the artists to give reviews of one another's work, and the reviews are often a bit brutal. The first review of my piece said "nice music, can't understand the words, a bit boring", which is pretty fair. The second review was more fun--"you must be too young to know how short life is", which is a great review, because it implies I am young, it uses one of my favorite phrases ('life is too short') and it is a nice one-line put-down. I posted my own set of reviews as well, because I enjoyed giving the songs a listen yesterday.

I'm working on a track for this week's competition, song title "ottoman". I have several draft "ottomans" lying about, but none has gotten up off the sofa yet and become the working draft. I don't know how I'm going to make up words and sing if they all sound like high-life instrumentals, although, now that I come to think of it, most high-life songs do have words, and I must listen to some high-life music to figure out how they fit the words into the frenetic pace.

My calendar will define itself today, and we'll see how busy this week becomes.

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