Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

july 3 reflections

The rain fell yet again today. I decline to complain about rain in the recovery year after a long drought, but rain and early July are not words that often appear in the same sentence in our part of the world. Just as last year, I promised myself to Never Again Bemoan a wet Spring, this year I realize that there is a great deal to be said for stifling hot, dry, alone-on-the-trail hiking days.

My wife and I tried a new restaurant over on Legacy, in Plano, not far from us, which served wonderful Indian food, and in particular south Indian food. I had a mysore masala dhosa, which was shaped in a rather tidy huge triangle. We're so glad to have a great new place nearby.

I have work to do during the holiday, but I plan some leisure,too. Will it be a trip to the lake for a little fishing, or a movie? The weatherpeople know better than I do.
The forecast tomorrow is rain.

I've been helping beta test a new version of a website, and I amaze myself, still, at how web-illiterate I can be.

I'm going to travel to New Jersey for business in a couple of weeks, for a Monday meeting. I am scanning the chess publications--is there a tournament nearby in that part of the world when I am up there? If nothing else, I could go play in the weekend tournament in Manhattan, or the huge one in CT.

I just figured out that the past US Championship was in Stillwater, Oklahoma this year--I could have gone and spectated. The womens' championship is during this month--perhaps I'll go play in the weekend swiss which immediately follows, and see if any of the strong players stay over after the championship to play in that event. I see they've added substantial womens' prizes as an incentive.

I am less offended by the commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence than by the fact that it was not conditioned upon his dropping his appeal. If one is going to give someone an unwarranted government boon, then it seems to me that one who seeks equity ought to do equity, and drop the appeal. If, on the other hand, he wants to go full bore with the appeal, have at it--but then let's not commute the sentence just yet. Our current government never ceases to amaze. I don't wish Mr. Libby any particular ill--but I do like to see the rule of law applied to the powerful as well as to the powerless.

I saw a truck from Garland Animal Control pass by today, with little vent-windows in it, almost like an armored car, and I wondered at a world in which pets are left to suffer for no reason. Then I thought of children. Then I thought endless loop of things.

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