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Yesterday my nephew and I went to Strikz, in Frisco, one of those "entertainment centers" like a souped-up bowlng alley. We played numerous arcade-type games, netting many tickets, but too few tickets to qualify for the xbox or the large stuffed bears.
We bowled with results less than ideal. We checked out the party room there I am renting for an upcoming chess tournament, and found it sufficiently quiet to support such an enterprise.

We played a spirited game of a laser-tag-like thing, in which I inexplicably scored a high score, although I do not believe I hit much of anything and felt as if I got hit a great deal. Laser tag was great fun--I had not played in over fifteen years.

In the late afternoon, I played on-line chess with queenseye. We split our games, but when I had to sign off due to a visiting family member, queenseye was the one on the proverbial roll. Another of my International Correspondence Chess Federation games ended in a draw. I seem to be slowly getting the hang of webserver postal chess, even though the imminent loss in a drawn position to the fellow from the small village in Sweden rankles within a bit still. I will enter more internet postal events, as they are not time-consuming but feel like "real" chess.

My sister arrived in the early evening. I picked us up barbecue from Dicky's barbecue
for the three of us to eat. She had driven to the city to pick up a household item. The rains fortunately let up enough to allow it to be stored in a kind neighbor's garage and not have to spend the night exposed in the bed of her husband's pick-up truck. It rained again this morning, but I hope it abates enough to facilitate her drive back home.

Today will be busy at work.

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