Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Today the rains fell once more. Our back yard flowers love it--the purple coneflower has come into bloom, and the shasta daisies are profuse, joining the lantanna, the butterfly bush and the little bowtie carnations in bloom.

I went to the Garden Ridge mall to walk around in lieu of getting to walk a hiking trail. I got some nice books while I was there. I also tried to walk around Towne Lake Park, but the rains had left standing water on the sidewalk. Further, a heavy rain began to fall once I got there. I came home and threw the ball for Beatrice.

We had dinner with my brother's family. I had never been able to get my pre-amp wired up, but my sister-in-law, who has the same type, showed me how to do it. Now I can use the better microphone I bought on eBay recently to better effect.

The "simple salmon" tonight at the chain restaurant was so good. I am so glad we have family in town. I believe my sister may be passing through sometime soon, too. I hope so--we'd love to see her.

I'm not sleeping well lately, so I am a bit tired and a tinge irritable this evening.
But I am full of plans and schemes and fun and plenty, and cannot complain at all.

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