Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

people who try

Drought is so passe'--positively 2006. We come home each day to news of a flash flood warning. We do not live in the hottest, or the coldest, or the wettest, or the driest land, but we do live in a land of extremes here in Texas. Sadly, we elect a few of them.

I am beginning to realize that busy does as busy is,and that the busyness in business is a grand and hard-working thing. I will take a moment to curl up this weekend with a good book, but also with a bit of work worth doing.

The fireworks stands in the country peddle their wares, as the cities promptly ban them. Fireworks bans are completely understandable, and yet still unfortunate on some level.
As a child, I was forbidden firecrackers but permitted bottle rockets and sparklers. I liked smoke bombs, because they were just so sulphur-splendiferous.

I wonder if the fellow in the song who said he really wanted to know "have you ever seen the rain?" really wanted to know that at all. I never wonder about Julie in the Eno song, who I am positive was indeed gazing out into the empty sky.

Tonight's NPR coverage of the CIA "family jewels" sensitive documents reminded me what a rash imprudent foreign policy the Kennedy administration conducted--it's so easy to label it a form of Camelot, when so often Gawain was off the reservation, doing unfortunate things.

I do like that the fellow Gordon Brown's opening speech after Blair's stepping down was to the effect that he'd "try". I am all for people who try really hard. I trust them more than I trust people who assure me of their successes.

Lately, I find I have a hankering for dry breakfast cereal, taken milk-less as a hand food. I hope the rain abates this weekend so that I can get lots of exercise.

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