Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

live and learn

I just checked my International Correspondence Chess Federation games at their helpful webserver, and found that I've managed to take a probably-drawn game and turn it into a probably-lost game through an error I knew to avoid until yesterday, and then made anyway.

It's very frustrating to lose a game that required no losing. But it's good to savor the feeling of disappointment, because in another game, on another day, I will again be faced with the task of ensuring I was not making an error, and I will remember, with a tangy sweetness, the palpable frustration of having dropped this pawn in this way.
Lately I seem to be accumulating more than my share of credit hours at the chess University of Experience. Let's hope her lessons are as useful as they are hard.

I like that about chess. You see your mistakes come back to haunt you directly, in ways from which you can learn (and yet, often, sadly, make once more another time).
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