Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Three points of silly pride

I like that when I run the "magic points" 'similar interest' LiveJournal function, the LJ user considered to be most similar to me is the guppies, community, with its ardent discussions of tropical livebearing fish.
I am summed up, somehow, by that.

I chose my professional school path in order to cause my father to lose a wager. I've always felt that makes me uniquely qualified to give career advice.

When I was eight years old, I won the statewide newspaper "What's My Line" contest. I supplied a caption to a cartoon. The cartoon pictured a very surly man behind a lunch counter, standing in front of a sign that said "Service with a Smile". My winning caption was "I haven't served you yet, have I?". I believe the prize was 5 dollars. That was the moment at which I knew that I was not a great novelist.

I'll bet everyone has similar "defining stories" of silly achievements. I'd love to hear any of yours.
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