Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

progress on all fronts

Today I cleaned my C: drive, liberating 19 GB of space in the wake of wave files no longer needed (and usually forgotten). One single a capella by a friend alone took up nearly 2 GB of space.

This afternoon I found at Weight Watchers that I lost another 4 pounds, bringing my total to 85 pounds lost. If I stay within six pounds of my current weight for another 2 weeks, then I will achieve lifetime status. I think they give a charm out or something, but I don't have a charm bracelet.

Tonight I got an e mail from a chess mom, advising me that her daughters will be playing in my Saturday tournament. The publicity effort has borne its first fruit.

One of my favorite chill songs is a song by Shockshadow called "Missing You". Tonight I found that my Hungarian on-line friend and musician Hepepe took a spoken word track (in fact, my reading of a LiveJournal post from 2002 or so), and made a remix of it as the spoken word overlay to "Missing You".

I'm thrilled with the result, which is at:

It's about my theory of sharing culture, and the crucial classroom(s, part of no school and every school, in which my theory first took root.

I myself did a remix tonight of a rather gritty bit of spoken word about urban living.
It's the rare situation in which I had to invoke the "not safe for work" button on the remix. I'm enjoying putting together little electronica jazz-drenched chill melodies these days, which will probably mean they're take my dark ambient license away.

I saw a picture today of a junk food quilt, and learned that my 20 month old niece is now talking nicely.

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