Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

one is the loneliest number that you never do

Tonight I noticed that I did not get the announcement for my June 16 chess tournament posted at all the locations I should have done. I got it posted a few places, but not many places. It's the usual spotty kind of thing--got the on-line at the US Chess Federation site, forgot to ask Dallas Chess Club to post it, did not get a print ad run in Chess Life and Review, did hear from someone who was posting it at their chess club. It's hard to be perfect at hobby business when one works as hard as I do sometimes.

I just learned that even my chess-playing nephew can't come. His really cool choir trip
does not arrive back home until too late on the 16th.

So far, the three tournaments I have run have had attendance of 4, 4, and 19. I prefer
19 to 4, as 19 is just the right size. I actually enjoy runing ones with 4 as well, but 4 is less than I need to make up expenses.

I will be amused, yes, but also a little humiliated if I gave a chess tournament and only 1 person came. On the other hand, I would have a room of my own, and could give myself a speech.

Yet I think I am still a not-so-little train that could, and I think I can have a good chess tournament despite this note of concern. We'll see if people come when June 16 arrives.

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