Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

in two/in too/into

Two cities, two days, two hearings, two notions, two projects for the weekend.

I finally got one of those curious aircard things for my laptop computer, which enables one to dial-in cellularly without wi-fi. It's satisfyingly useful and maddeningly inadequate all at the same time. I am of two minds about it, wihch seems just right by half rather than double the fun.

I remember the old television show moonlighting, and in particular the way the cinematography always made Cybill Shepherd appear that she was being seen through thick gauze. Real life, which frequently has matinees at the last picture show has a grainier, more black-and-white feel to it. I read in the flight magazine about a writer of suspense and horror fiction named Cussler with a penchant for collecting old cars.
He owns Billie Burke's Cadillac. Ms. Burke played, of course, Glinda the Good, when she was not playing Flo Ziegfield's helpmeet. You don't need gauze if you click your heels together and just believe.

Split screens--two images. This is the week when local talk shows have put aside Iraq and global warming to discuss a split-screen heated confrontation between two personalities on a talk show. I met one of those celebrities once, a woman named Hasselbeck with whom I discussed that she had a relative who was a judge in Rhode Island. In a very brief chat, we managed to avoid topics like our vastly different political views, and focus on other, more pleasant topics. We had tickets to a Dallas filming of the show, thanks to a kind relative who works on the show. I was unable to see the episode the next day, due to an intervening work-related function, but my mother, in a late stage of illness, was able to attend, which I think made her happy. That makes me happier than any split-screen debate.

So many times all these huge issues get weighted down in grackle cries. I keep watching to figure out where the eagles will gather on solving the problems of this world, as it's where the eagles gather that the World Spirit is found.

Two words. So many things can be said in two words. "Be well". "Miss you". "Write me".
"Quick hello". "Let's talk". "Eternal life". "Trust yourself". "Forgive yourself". "Just breathe". That's even before we get to all the blessing and loving and thinking.

I read a Parker Posey interview in Paste magazine on the way home. I like her because she has a flair and because she grew up in little Mississippi towns not that different from where I grew up. She was of the camp that was dying to leave,while I am of the camp that could have stayed had economic opportunity permitted. Perhaps it is a matter of relative optimism. I think that I am slightly out of place in any setting, so I did not see the move to the city as a way to somehow fit in.

I must acquire the new Dolores O'Riordan album. I must give away a lot of things that clutter my life. I must figure out some way to improve my chess. I have a lot of really good inessential "musts", which will keep me busy for weeks, if not two lifetimes.

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