Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

platforms for recovery

I am not particularly certain of the utility of anything, save kindness, kites, and industrial-strength liquid soap attacking oil on hands, but I do like the way that common usage gives rise to such neat colloquialisms.

I like the idea that we are all more or less "in recovery". My own view, oxymoronically, is that we are all in a state of gradual departure combined with a state (or, on alternative Thursdays, the hope) of grace. Yet "recovering" anything sounds better than "decaying" things (cheese and the cool scent of Summer peat in a woodland notwithstanding). So I like it when people are "recovering"--not just in the real sense, but in the sense of stretched metaphor so useful to writers of alternative newspapers and weblogs.

One of my friends' spouses, a charming woman saddled with a law degree, took up journalism and art criticism and began to term herself a "recovering lawyer". Even among my partners, there is a tendency to move from courtroom work to transactional work that might be termed the creation of "recovering litigators".

Yet I think that June is recovering from law in among the most interesting ways. She used to be an associate for our law firm, back lo these many years ago when I worked for a larger law firm in one of those things that look a lot like the big headed guys on Easter Island, except it had lots of windows, and pointed to the sky. June was one of our young attorney employees roughly when I was either a senior employee or a perhaps, less likely, a junior partner.

Some people recover through twelve step programs. But other people recover with a mean guitar. Now June is Junie Tune, and she plays lead guitar in an Austin rock band called
The Platforms. When I found out that she combines in-house legal work with a great "second career" in recovery, I did what any fan of recovering lawyers would do--I immediately went and friended her band's myspace.

I don't know June well, but I know she is in recovery.

I also know that recovery rocks.

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