Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


I'm working with a collaborator from India, who is a really cool guy. He plays a mean guitar, and has a good sense of a kind of rock 'n' roll I rather like but could not make for the life of me.

I've been remixing/remastering our collaborative project (translation: his cool song, my collection of odd atmospheric sound fx) into a song which "fits". I bring my biases--
I like vocals to be understandable, but I like the sonics to have some edge and noise about them on the instrumental parts. I want there to be moments of near-silence. Runaway heterodyne waves are good. Old-fashioned pounding drums? Not so much to my taste.
Flanging, like flossing, should be done early and often. When in doubt, compress.

Hours later, I've uploaded the resulting remix. I hope my friend likes it, as it was a fair bit of effort to do.

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