Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

just one step off the trail and paradise is denied.

Last night I came home in the usual way. I drove my car in the usual way. I followed, I thought, all the routines that I usually follow. I know from past experiences to do the routine things to keep my day-to-day working.

This morning, my car keys were not in my pocket. I don't know where they are--they're clearly in my house or in my car. They'll turn up. I have a spare. But this evening,they have not turned up after my looking in what would ordinarily be the "right" places, but are not this time. So I prowl around, from place to place, knowing they will turn up, knowing that when they do I'll say "of course! I set them down there!" and knowing that until they turn up, it will be immensely frustrating.

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