Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

immediate past prez

Last night the rain fell so heavily that my commute home felt more like traveling in wet gauze than in a simple rain. Trees and fences came down in a wind the weatherman said hit near 80 m.p.h. I live in a land of extremes, although I myself tend to be as boring as southern California.

Tonight I finished my service as President of the Garland Bar Association. Regular readers of this recounting realize that Robert rarely relishes representative roles. I was driving to work this very morning, thinking how relatively hitch-free my year had been. Then one of my speakers called to say he could not come, and it soon transpired that the letter my secretary sent out to each speaker somehow did not make it to the speakers. This resulted in a little scrambling, which is a healthy thing, because smugness deserves its just reward.

The speaker who did speak did a job which mesmerized the audience, though his subject was attorney disciplinary matters. It was like corpses gathering round to hear a stand-up comic undertaker. He showed clips from a comic television program to illustrate his vignettes. We all left in a good and undisciplined mood.

Now I can assume the key job of Immediate Past President, a position that has no duties but the right to use phrases like "when I was an officer....". I cannot say that I was a particularly ground-breaking president, but I managed to complete the task.

I have scheduled three very quick chess touranments for June 16. I hope that I get enough attendees to make them work out fine. I must step up my marketing effort this weekend.

I have a lot of work on my plate right now, which makes me realize that I must focus on getting more and more done.

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