Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Delta towns

Sunday evening I flew an hour and a half to Monroe, in Louisiana. I have good memories of Monroe, because it either was or was near various of my Louisiana relatives. Also, one of my best friends in the entire world grew up here, which gives it a pleasant association for me.

I was not landing in Monroe to stay, however. I needed to drive up into the Delta to a distant town for which the airline connections were less easy than Monroe. I passed through Wilmot, the home of one of my Livejournal friends, and crossed into Mississippi. Today I had a very busy day, and then drove back to Monroe. I found the rural delta places very interesting. In many ways I feel like the kind of small town fellow who understands and feels at home in places like these.

When I got back to Monroe, it was too late for my flight. I already had arranged to fly home tomorrow morning. I checked into a Courtyard by Marriott, watched Heroes, and then went next door to Appleby's. Appleby's has a "weight watchers menu", which allows me to plan my meal without the calculations I sometimes have to perform. I am particularly motivated this week, because I crossed the "80 pounds lost" point. I am now less than 2 pounds from my goal. I hope to achieve this goal in the coming few weeks.

The public radio did a feature on "how do people live in Mali on nothing". Mali fascinates me lately. I think a lot lately how even palpable problems of a certain middle-class sort are luxuries, compared to real hardship.

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