Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Box Widget

I'm pleased to see LiveJournal add a way to embed media widgets. Let's see if it works. These are three tracks from a Negative Sound Institute release we'll issue in a couple of months. This was a huge omission here at LJ, now remedied.
One can click on an mp3 in the widget, and it will begin to play. is one of many good resources for such widgets. I like it because it allows one to upload mp3s into storage there, without the hassle of putting them on one's own site.

The songs are "Driving through Rural Texas on Sunday Morning", "The Christmas Eve My Father Set Up the Telescope", and "Walking through Wildflowers". I'm still working out the title of the album, but so far I like Verian's suggestion, "Memories Pleasant", because each song is about a pleasant memory.

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