Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dallas blooms

Today we spent a lovely, sun-and-cloud day at the Dallas Arboretum. Things bloomed.

The gardens were full of girls in their quincenera gowns, getting their picture taken, brides and grooms being posed, poised and readied for impending nuptials, toddlers more cheerful than even the usual cheerful-toddler-norm, and various fauna cavorting gently amid the fauna. I took dozens upon dozens of pictures, from which I'll make a video slide show.

We dined on Mexican food tonight, and then I walked our loyal dogs around the little pond.

I did spend a stray hour trying to join in the yard sale. I had had some notion that, like Who's, the community would gather during community yard sale day and sing "ah vous, flores", or some similar Who expression for "let's sell the unwanted gifts", but in fact I had but one customer, and most yards had no sale going on at all.

We did take advantage of Trash Out Day!, which let us take large items (in our case, a defunct television and some smaller electronics) for recycling without special arrangement in advance.

Tonight I've been working on a remix of a Dutch essay, adding to it Lisa DeBenedictis on remixing,
someone reading The Golden Rule, and Larry Lessig imploring us all to be forces for good.

I have been quite virtuous this week on my eating plan. We'll see if it pays off. It's coming alon nicely, but I need more bicycle-bell sound effects. I'm still amazed at how many "new technology" Dutch words are merely Dutch borrowings from the English term. It makes it easier to know what folks are talking about in this mix.

I re-read "Goodbye, Mr. Chips", which reminded me that devotion to the things that matter to one, as well as perspective, are important things to have.

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