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Any ambient artist who adopts the nom de musique Rigel Orionis is all right by definition, just as it is somehow cool that the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 hardcover novel I bought for five dollars on Saturday had a prologue that summarized dozens upon dozens of prior novels of the same type.

Tonight we had to change the channel a lot to avoid the wrong sort of coverage of the tragedy of yesterday. I did watch the fellow Sanjaya get told he had been voted off the American Idol show, which seemed to me appropriate and yet I completely liked the fellow.

I have more travel coming up, with a trip to California tomorrow afternoon and a lightning trip to Utah next week. Our neighborhood yard sale is from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, so I hope I can find the time to buy price tags and sell off all these inessentials I now own.

I read with sadness of the mounting violence in Iraq.

I ate two bowls of raisin bran for dinner. My current lunchtime passion is Firehouse Subs, where the roast beef always tastes like roast beef rather than "beef memories".

I hope my nephew and I can go to another chess tournament soon. I'll have an hour or two free in California, and my digicam in hand. We'll see if my eyes and ears let me see and hear.

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