Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

breckinridge park

This afternoon I attended my Weight Watchers meeting, where I found I was but 4.4 pounds shy of the 81 pounds lost goal I previously set. I hope that I can meet that goal, as I have hovered near it for quite some time.

Later this afternoon I drove to Richardson's Breckinridge Park and fished for a short while.

I fished for only a bit, bitelessly, despite nearly perfect weather for the pursuit. I pulled out instead a kite I bought yesterday, on which was emblazoned some kind of vaguely robotic super-hero unknown to me, whose slogan might be, if this were "What's My Line?", something along the lines of "big and proud, insectile and loud", as he mangled passing cars with pincers. Perhaps he is a super-villain--I am not going to wikipedia this question until later. Has anyone else noticed that
cartoons get better coverage than existentialism on wikipedia?

The kite rose perfectly into the sky, with little prompting, floated hundreds of feet in mid-air quite pleasantly, and then made a graceful, self-directed descent after half an hour. Kite flying here is more fun than a barrel of sea monkeys.

I like that the city of Richardson makes a conscious effort to leave unmowed wildflowers in place throughout the Spring.

One of my new books is Botanica's Orchids, with vivid pictures of hundreds upon hundreds of species. Orchids remind me of an orchid ranch in Santa Barbara, and of the plant we bought there many years ago which stubbornly refused to bloom until I accidentally pushed a bolster-stick through a leaf through falling nearby, whereupon the orchid went into fervent and faithful bloom.

I also bought Julia Szabo's "The Underdog", a celebration of mixed breeds which is a gentle satire on all those species-specific books. The pictures of the chihuahua/wire-haird terrier crosses are worth the price of admission. I like my friends the slightest bit frazzled.

A busy travel-filled week awaits.
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