Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

salmon and commons

Last night we visited the Heard Natural Science Center native plant sale. I do not run an extensive social calendar. I tend to attend no gala functions, once we have defined our terms to exclude the Garland Bar Association Christmas Party, as to which we need not tarry other than for the fleeting mental image of judges and their significant others sashaying to "blue christmas".
I have come to think of the Native Plant Sale as one of the "can't miss" events, right up there with "America's top designer"'s finale, which I missed, now that I think about it.

We work in two different suburbs, so we drove separately and met there. When I was ten minutes away, my wife called and said she had picked out a good group of plants. She kindly sought to spare me the remaining drive. I found,though, that I looked forward to perusing penstemon and salivating over salvia, so onward,upward I went to beautiful Fairview, Texas.

The sale is held in a parking lot on which long tables filled with flats and pots and bursts of bloom. We first got into the native plant sale soon after we moved to our current home back when the dinosaurs ruled the land. I arrived just in time for the "we're marking everything way down because we want to get out of here and it's mostly stray leaves in pots anyway". I brought home leaves in pots, which, when planted, turned into an amazing set of herbs and flowers. We plant native ever since, not as purists but as people who prefer to grow native plants.

Last night we picked up another set of plants once I input on the crucial questions, like varigated thyme leaves and huge prairie flowers. We got them all home just as the rain began.
Our area missed the extreme weather that visited part of Texas, but last night and today were quite chilly and rainy.

I drove today to the Garden Ridge Shopping Center. Garden Ridge sells a lot of artificial plants,
pots for plants,and curious housewares. It's a perfect wonderland for the would-be walker, because there are endless things to see and little to tempt one to buy. But today I did buy--two gorgeous cheap kites. I also went to an antiques mall in that shopping center, where one and two dollar used books called out to me their siren song--a Nevill Shute here, a James Hilton there, and to the remaindered bookstore where I got a broad array of useful books which will no doubt enrich my life like molasses enriches gingerbread.

We ate salmon at home for dinner tonight, along with crookneck squash, whole wheat rolls and
zucchini. We talked of people we know and their doings.

My wife fell asleep during a screening of "Marie Antoinette" on our DVD player. I rather like Ms. Dunst, so I was awake, although my fondness for Ms. Dunst stops well short of infatuation and more in the region of "she's pretty cool", so I'm now at my computer listening to an interview in Dutch with Marco Raaphorst, who co-owns netlabel and who is one of the fellows who does cool things one uses with the software 3.0. Marco is a really good guy, rather than just seeming like one in the movies, and it's amazing how much of the Dutch I can understand, given that I speak no Dutch. I suppose it's that they use so many words that are jargon about creative commons, and it's easy to follow.

I am glad I got involved with these Creative Commons folks. They're good folks.

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