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To Mars and Tokyo

I received a nice note in the e mail from the Yahoo Discussion Group for MarsTokyo's Teenytheaters, in which marstokyo explained that she deleted her journal so that she could focus on her art at present. Her art is a wonderful collection of things, including in particular these miniature theaters which are breathtaking.

I am sorry to see her journal deleted, but at least those who, like me, are interested in her art can continue to interface through the yahoo discussion group. If you haven't joined the discussion group, but might be interested, it's an extremely simple format. Periodically, a link to photos of one of her tiny theater artworks will be posted, and then folks will post their interpretations. Frequently MarsTokyo will follow up with "what I was thinking", which is interesting. Sometimes I feel as though I "miss the mark" altogether, but then sometimes I like my interpretation better than what she was thinking :). I think all art is that way, and if ever I do a work of art, I'd be flattered by multiple interpretations. So I hope that more folks join the discussion group, sad as I am to see the LiveJournal go, and hopeful as I am (damn it) that it will be restored.

If you don't have the patience for discussion groups (and MarsTokyo was the one I signed up for after I thought I had sworn them off), you can see theaters on a grand scale at the website

But I'll still miss reading marstokyo's journal.
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