Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

byrd birds

My meeting west of Austin ended some time before my flight back home departed. After I ascertained that no earlier flights could be had, I turned right at the sign that said "Wildflower Center",and went to the Lady Byrd Johnson Wildflower Center.

It was really too early for much to be in bloom, but I enjoyed the few flowers that were, the songbirds, and the cacti and live oak trees. Everywhere small birds held forth with varied birdsong. I wandered the trails, and snapped pictures with a little throwaway. Afterwards, I ate pho ga' and then stopped in a little Methodist bookstore and bought a few works of history and theology.

I saw a few seminars at the upcoming SXSW event in Austin that made me wish I could have nipped down next week for a few days. I have never been a SXSW event, though I remember when it was a small, local function and now it is quite an industry event.

I am busy trying to schedule chess tournaments I want to run. I hope to run at least two this year.

Tomorrow I must arise early for yet another quick day of business travel. Then I travel for the weekend. for a fun visit home. I'm not complaining--it's part of what I do right now.

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