Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

flower show

I daydream lately about a nearly-inevitable likelihood--Spring flowers. Thus far the pear fruit have begun their white-and-pink bloom, and a few clover flowers and hints of Queen Anne's Lace are evident. Winter pansies continue to bloom, and the first jonquils are in evidence in neighbors' yards. Yet I'm dreaming of the scene in a few weeks,when bluebonnets, evening primrose, Indian blanket, Indian paintbrush, ruddbeckia splash up everywhere. I imagine walking on the Park Hill Prairie, with flowers all around. I see butterflies and bees and perhaps, this year, a hummingbird. I imagine Dutch iris and snapdragons. It's all just ahead, and with any fortune I shall see it all.

Meanwhile, I think our African violets are in bloom, as well as a dandelion or two in the back yard, and they will have to suffice.

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