Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Home on the Range

This week my wife embarked on one of her rare business trips. After a vigorous day of effort in defending truth and justice, I read about charming shelter dogs while eating pho ga', a huge bowl of chicken soup and vermicelli noodles, cooked Vietnamese style. "Do you want the BIG bowl?", she gestured with her hands, and I nodded.

As I drove on a rather "big sky" portion of the way home, I noticed a red sky peeking through purple clouds. Is this a sailor's delight? If I were a sailor, I'd be delighted with fewer clouds and a bit more blue sky.

A kind soul today sent me a youtube message, asking where one could "buy" my music. I thanked him for the compliment. Then I pointed him to places where I give it away for free. He told me he found it very visual, which indicates to me that I am accomplishing what I set out to do. I do not benefit (or suffer) from any form of synesthesia, but I like the idea of creating photos in sound.

This week I am more a listener than a music-maker, because I have been reviewing songs other people do over at I love to do this, because people are so appreciative if you really take the time to listen and give a detailed, meaningful critique, pointing out what worked at :30 and what did not work at 1:10 and so forth. So many people go to that site and do reviews just to win the privilege of being reviewed by others. I am much more interested in hearing the songs which people make than in getting reviews by people rushing through to win brownie points.

Today one of my reviews got picked as a "review of the day", which pleased me. It was a song made like an old Human League song, only with a darker vision. I speak reasonably good synthpop, as it is a native language for me.

I live an exciting life when I am alone in the house with the dogs. I watch American Idol, throw the ball for Bea, shake hands with Teddy, and ensure their kibble needs are met. Tonight I even got down one of my western hats and began playing with the digicam. Oh, the revelry.
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