Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

after the wind

We began our Sunday by going to church, where I led the lesson for our Sunday School class. I prepared for the lesson by finding a spoken word version of Psalm 62, the Psalm in question, and finding a nice quote from a Wesley sermon about how one is rich if one can make ends meet and another from a sermon that suggested that Heaven begins when we know God and learn how to love.
The other people in the class were kind enough to actively join in the discussion, so it all went down well. I like this bit in Psalm 62 about how poor folks are like vapor, and supposedly important folks are lighter than vapor.

My time at Weight Watchers did not go so swimmingly. I seem to hover between 3 pounds from my goal and 10 pounds. While I am overall happy with my current weight--220--it's ten pounds over the weight my doctor suggested for me. I will have to keep working at it--I've been going to Weight Watchers for some 21 months now, and suspect that even after I achieve my goal, I'll just go on for years to come. It does the same things for me that a 12-step program might do for someone else.

The weather turned wonderful in mid-afternoon. I headed to Exchange Park to walk the nature trail in warm and windless weather. I saw the first blooming tree of the season, and some really cute chickadees, mockingbirds and other birds. The moon stared down from a clear blue sky.

I took the dogs for a walk around the pond as darkness began to set in. They loved it. I was glad to make them happy in that way.

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