Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

I sound like weather, I taste like rain

A kind soul used one of my remixes in the following video, which uses time-lapse devices to show USA weather patterns over a seven month span:

I'm grateful not only to the film-maker who posted this at, but also to the following artists whose samples I remixed:

Ambiencellist Part II by: Claire Fitch,
Music for Modern Listening by: Stargarden
Red-shifted Harmonies by: DAC Crowell
alterstate91-1 by: Brilliant Orange Object
Transmission Drift by: Black Sun Laboratories
cfe.reverse() by:
A Rainy Day by: aerosolspray
Combis43 by: MarcoRaaphorst

and the featured artist, Shagrugge, who is part of the title of the piece "Ending the Drought (featuring Shagrugge)".

This kind of creative exchange is why I use Creative Commons licenses, to facilitate people being able to sample or use my work in their projects.

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