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rocket's red glare, tearfully

We went with our neighbors A., T. and their 9 month old son
B. to Collin County Youth Park, in the country outside McKinney, for the "Forever Free" 4th of July celebration.
The park is huge open fields with nice little hills and a few trees. Hundreds of people came, but we never felt crowded, because the whole place had this rural spaciousness. We walked around the place, among child activities for which B. was too young, picked up snow cones (I must admit that I am such a non-scintillating conversationalist I am reduced to questions like "How do you say 'snow cone' in Urdu?"--by the way, it is a long word starting with a 'g'), and strolled about the grounds to see the country western bands that played in succession. The whole thing was very nice; it seemed a little odd how much security was present here, but we did not mind a bit. Folks rode by on horses, kids were pulled in red wagons, "freedom fair" people drove on those little "gator" four wheel things that are like a cross between an ATV and a toy truck. The last of the band before the fireworks had a jaunty, likable sound and a woman who played the fiddle as though it was part of her autonomous system. I love a good fiddle, played live. Recordings lose the "moment" in which a good fiddle tune comes alive.

We sat on a gentle slope on a horse blanket we had bought in Mexico years ago, and were able to observe the fireworks begin without any crowding. I am not a "crowds" person, so this was right up my alley. A. and I went to try to find someplace to spend all those odd little "fair tickets" I had improvidently bought, so many of the fireworks took place as we walked around. It was great--instead of being some
stadium setting, cheek to jowl, we could wander around or sit and see everything as if we were right there. The fireworks went on for what seemed like forever. Sadly,
Mr. B., our infant companion, expressed displeasure at the noise and lights. Although we felt badly for him, the fireworks nonetheless overcame the negative experience.
A. and T. took turns soothing him through the experience, and by the time we returned to the car, he was none the worse for the wear.

I typically don't go to stadium fireworks shows, because the crowds irritate me. Last year, we sat in my brother's side yard where a local show can be seen without the fuss and bother of parking and crowding. But this rural youth park may become our new annual was really nice,
even if we did leave before the band *after* the fireworks
was finished with its repertoire of the works of KC and the Sunshine Band.

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