Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

shorn lambs and all that

The news pours forth winter weather tales from across the country like a global wintry mix. Given the fact that we have had only a token of rain, and no hint of snow, and are now merely dry and cold, I should not think twice about a little wind chill. Yet when I stopped for gasoline, and the wind whipped through me, I thought about my own chilly place in this universe rather than the needs of the many, which no doubt outweigh the needs of this one-unit few.

I snapped a picture of a large oak tree, still bearing its dead leaves. I meant to play with the leaves and make them look green, but then I decided to add flowers.

Our February weather usually happens in variations--70 degrees one day, 28 the next. I am keenly aware of 28, and am ready for 70.

But tell me, really, how are you?
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