Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

pointed and shot

Today a fellow in the UK contacted me about using one of my youtube videos as footage in a student project. I always enjoy this type of thing--it's why I try to put Creative Commons licenses on everything I can--to make things available to use and share.

I stopped by a camera store today to pick up a camera magazine. My goal was to read up on digital cameras, and peruse the price lists in the back of the magazine. I also picked up a Sky and Telescope. I'm always puzzled why Sky and Telescope gets that consumers fall in a broad range of anticipated dedication to the hobby, while camera magazines so often merely try to sell one the coolest SLR.

I had been thinking about buying a point-and-shoot that nonetheless could support optical lens attachments, so that I could take shots of things far away and shots of things very near. I am not interested in a profound set-up, because I am anything but a profound photographer. I read an article about specialty lenses, which posited that for a super-telephoto lens, I need only budget $ 2,500. I know my limitations as a hobbyist. I found an eBay auction with a last-year's technology point-and-shoot, bid the auction, won the auction, and spent a very tiny fraction of $ 2,500.

Meanwhile, my father sent a picture of the vintage Austin car he bought, which impressed me. I did not inherit his gift for mechanical repairs, the stray lawnmower engine carburetor or so notwithstanding. It's cool to see a tiny vintage car--he had one when he was 17, and now he has a 1930 model, in his seventies.

I am puzzling over a curious problem--if I were to depict a 'pseudophone', what would it look like?

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