Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Icon Comments CC Art Exhibition--Please support the Arts!

I'd like to invite you to play a simple internet game. The game requires you to flex your real or hypothetical artistic muscles. It's a very simple game to play. The results could be fun.

Here's what you do:

Important Item One:

Pull up your favorite computer drawing program and draw yourself a new icon. It must be something you draw yourself, and not something you borrow, sample, morph, steal or liberate.

Important Item Two:

Save your work of art as a new LiveJournal Icon among your vast and amazing icon display.

Important Item Three:

Post a reply to this post, using your new icon. providing in your comment the title of your work, and a brief artist's statement along the lines of "what the heck was [s]he thinking?".

Important Item Four:

When a number of comments are posted, visit this exhibition again, and view all the art the commenters have posted.

Important Item Five:

In your comment, set forth that the picture may be appropriated by anyone for use as an icon, subject only to a Creative Commons license that you get attribution for the use (A creative Commons BY license, see This is all about sharing culture, in every way. I warn you that you'll never get rich from this crucial icon, and that's okay.

At some point, I'll amend this post to add my own icon, which will comfort the weary who worry they can't draw by proving conclusively that the
exhibition curator can't draw,either. My hope is that in particular those who cannot draw post as often as those who can't. Originality is what matters here, and having fun.

Stray Rules:

1. Be bold, be brave, shimmer like a guppy!

2. Be kind, be true, don't make fun of others who post beside you!

3. Have fun! Don't worry about your icon too much! It's only a weblog!

I hope you all will join me to create our very own museum show. Entries requested as soon as finished, but ideally by 2/18/07!

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