Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

39 degrees

The chill returned, promising all, delivering little, like a semi-defined simile swinging from a sassafras tree with a simian smile, all monkey-wise. My dog Beatrice loves bananas, and leaps to catch little fragments of the fruit in mid-air. I felt the cold creep into my office, stealthy, certain of itself, insinuating itself into thoughts like a chill moment amid an otherwise warm conversation.

Tonight we celebrated my wife's new contract. She writes technical documents, and works from gig to gig. We went to hibachi rock to commemorate a new gig. We had a table to ourselves, where a charming chef kept us entertained with magic hibachi tricks both old and new.

I like the start-and-stop nature of this contract work, partly because in some sense all of my own work is always contract work, and partly because it inspires instant paradigm shift about how we plan and schedule our lives. We're creatures of ordinary ways, and a bit of change of pace probably serves us well. Will we be able to schedule a return to Manitoba? It is too early to say. New contracts have new demands and new timetables.

I read today of dickcissel and kestrel birds. I got a cheap camera in the mail, thanks to an eBay purpose. I read an old obituary, to remind myself of an impending date. I listened to music and news commmentary, and felt thankful that the things I worry about most right now most people might not even consider problems at all.

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