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I surfed predictably towards the improbable. I googled up submersibles, because I wondered what fun resided in exploring the undersea. My theory, more or less, holds that life on other planets, while scintillating and likely to be discovered in my lifetime, pales next to the untold possibilities of unexpected life living within the ocean. A corollary to this theory holds that a noble quest awaits anyone whose camera apparatus submerges sensibly, sentiently and sub-thermally.

IMAX influenced me. The hip movie in which cool scientists in undersea pods as fun as go-karts hobnob with non-photosynthetic-life in profuse sacredness beside the wormhole-like thermal vents inspired in me the notion that NOAA amounts to the NASA of the future. I tend to believe that Nessie of Loch Ness exists yet is scientifically explainable, that dolphins possess more sentience than we realize, and that one can treat the shimmy of tiny jellyfish as one's spirograph and tarot. Who needs to know the future when one can see the present in a single, translucent spectator's gasp?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the submersible website I found wished to charge $ 4,500 for the Scout, a camera in a robot sub which traveled only 250 feet below the sea, roughly 6.99 miles less deeply than hoped. I moved my fantasy back to places I could control, such as the notion of a camera taking photos in the local pond, and the notion of a telephoto lens focused on a distant cardinal (fish, fowl, fungi, all in one accord in my mind, somehow).

I got an e mail from a fellow to whom I wrote a while ago, advising him that I'd happened upon an audioblog of his, and decided to add it to a remix I was doing. I used to do this more often--create a musical piece for one listener, on a whim, as a sharing. This is a kind of P2P I understand far better than wheeling poor Justin Timberlake songs (a fellow who manages to look immaculately well-groomed and yet unshaven) from Diaz to Biel through some odd file-sharing service stationed in an island kingdom immune to copyright laws.

The delay resulted because I lacked the fellow's e mail address, and thus had to send a flickr note. Flickr notes add an element of unpredicability to matters, for many of us do not get the notification set up, and thus weeks can go by with not a flicker of a response to a Flickr note.
I hope the fellow likes the odd remix I did, and that he does not mind the ducks I placed as his backing vocalists.

A remix I did appeared on an album at Wandering Ear netlabel, a label which releases field recordings. I love field recordings, and make them once in a while. The field samples in question included lots of Minnesota avian life. My remix jumbled it all up a bit, and sounds like a power saw in an aviary; hence, I named the remix "clear-cutting". I read later how "clear cutting is such a bane in MN, so I felt

My Youtube cartoon about invasive plants drew a comment from someone who termed me in effect a "propagandist" and who assured me that the invasive plant crisis was manufactured, of all things, by the makers of Roundup herbicide. Rather than just resting on telling the fellow "tell that to the tallgrass prairie", I researched his position via google to ascertain its "legs". Sure enough, a group of folks lobby hard for this position as part of a "land rights" movement. I was grateful to the fellow for pointing out this dissenting view, because althought it seemed rather flat-earther to me, I was grateful to see another side of the prism. I did not edit my film to change the invaders to liberating kudzu of destiny, however.

I wonder if I want to make a footprint. I thought about that today--what is my own legacy? I am not sure I have a strong one as it stands now.
But I will focus on tiny kindnesses. I believe this is within my ambit.

In the meantime, it's about time for something participatory and creative. I'm pondering how all who choose to play might enjoy the game.

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