Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

to be read or not be read, not so much a question

Today the temperature climbed up into the high 50s, which felt Summer-like after days of harsher weather. I found myself taking off my heavy coat and walking about in shirt sleeves.

I put in bids on inexpensive digital cameras on eBay, winning one that is a notch up from my current childs' camera, but not
really a "fully adult" camera. The cost was nominal, and someday soon I suppose I will break down and buy a more up-to-date model. I want to explore my "last year's technology" bent a bit more, before I do.

I puzzled why little Glendover Park had but one small family of parkgoers when I walked our dogs, because I considered the conditons so favorable to outdoors activity. When we returned home, and I realized that the Super Bowl had already begun, then I understood the lack of folks.

I watched a fair bit of the first half, and all of Prince's excellent half-time show. I tuned out in the second half,
after a meal of pork chops, spinach, and baked sweet potato chips. I created a remix, using work from Verian and from my own work, as well as a gorgeous piano solo from the Freesound Project. I named the resulting remix "M", after my wife's first initial, and placed it on the internet here. We met on an airplane, so I suppose the introduction should have been a flight attendant or an aeronautic exhaust, but I liked a little electro-effect better.

This weekend passed quickly and well, and my coming work week should be interesting and worthwhile. I pondered a bit one of those LiveJournal mysteries, a de-friending, but then I realized that the mystery in question was not a mystery at all,but entirely natural and in the nature of things. I always pride myself on avoding the melodrama of worrying much about these reading lists, although in one instance, eighteen months ago, I remember, of all things, getting into one of those "hurt feelings about post comments" things that I always strove to avoid.

I am always grateful that anyone reads anything I write, as I so often write four words where two might do, and because I don't think it is any great revelation that I use this journal to record events for my own future reference, which may not make it scintillating reading for all. Although I am grateful for the kindness people show in reading and commenting, I always want anyone to feel free to read or not read as they will, because just living involves enough walking on eggshells, without having to worry about the metaphoric ones in the ether.

I like to imagine that, like a flock of wedding doves, I release anyone who wishes to take flight from the punchbowl absurdity of the ceremonies I run here. To those who have departed before me, I have a faith bordering on religious that there is indeed life after gurdonark's journal.

I bought a bit of value software at CompUSA with which to play bridge. I looked at on-line pictures of peoples' babies, which I always find delightful. I threw the tennis ball for one dog, and liberally praised the other dog.

verian took the laboring oar in putting together a new NSI podcast for us. As we usually do, we split the DJ
duties between us. It's set up to be either downloaded or listened to on line. One may hear my effusive "oh wow" approach to being a DJ, and Verian's more appealing voice providing a winning restraint, by clicking here.

Today I read about pinhole cameras and "Endless Lullaby".
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